How to do Web 2.0 Submission?

How to do Web 2.0 submission?

Hello everyone! In this blog, we are going to learn How to do Web 2.0 submission? Before moving to Web 2.0 remember that you NEED TO BE BALANCED. Always use Web 2.0 and other profile links in balance with SEO techniques.

As discussed in earlier blogs we will move step by step. I will teach you how to make blogs on other sites and link your website link in that blog. We do this to attract organic traffic to your website.

Lets Start!

I am creating a blog on WordPress 


Go to WordPress > Create a blog by signing in with your Gmail id. You have to fill the fields as given in the image below. For eg. I am taking my site name as Basic and Advanced SEO,  it is about education. Fill it as per your requirements. and click to continue.

How to do Web 2.0 submission


Choose the address of your site, it’s your choice to pay or to go for free option. Select free and give your site a unique name. Have a look my site is ready for free: 

How to do Web 2.0 submission


As I have told you to go for the free option, look the image for reference and select the free option. It is best for the beginners.

How to do Web 2.0 submission


Now, the last step. Enter your Gmail id and choose a password and continue

How to do Web 2.0 submission


On the left corner, you will see the blog posts option. Add a blog and write your blog.

How to do Web 2.0 submission



After completing your blog, its time to link our main website landing page. Select the text to insert a link, click on an icon, and paste the URL of your site you want to link. Click Add link

How to do Web 2.0 submission


Look at the image below how I have added my source website through WordPress. If someone clicks on these hyperlinks they will be directed to your main website.

How to do Web 2.0 submission


It’s time to publish your blog, add images to your blog to make it look more classy!

How to do Web 2.0 submission

Manage your regular blogs on to attract traffic to your website. Make you look genuine, create a proper profile of what you do and about your work on these blog creating websites. Now, do the same activity on Blogger, Tumblr, Wikidot and as many as you want.

Don’t forget to maintain your excel sheet for this activity. I hope you have learned  How to do Web 2.0 submission.

Thank you!

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